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Depending on your source Google handles between 85-95% of search activity. In October 2019, online search engine Bing accounted for 5.27 percent of the global search market, Chinese search engine Baidu's market share was 0.57 percent (source: All this means is that you have to focus on getting all your Google ducks in a row. How can

Of particular importance;

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Analytics
  • Optimise
  • Search Console (verification and crawling) 
  • Knowledge Panel
  • Adwords
  • Maps
  • Google for Business (was Places)

If you have control over your Google listings you can rest easy your company is represented online correctly. Common problems with business listings on Google are down to multiple listings, accounts being setup and forgotten. However it's not all on you, remember Google's change of direction (GooglePlus for Business?) that left many site owners wondering. 

Old employees may have set-up accounts, passwords forgotten. Whatever the issue it's important to grasp the nettle and ensure your Google health is tip-top. Even if all you need to do is re-verify your website with Search Console.

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